An iOS implementation of zerostore by joseph346. This was made mostly for fun — I'm not a cryptogrography expert, and cannot vouch for the security of this project.

Includes an app extension for use in browsers.

Available on the AppStore

What is this, and why does it exist?

To quote the original project:

The goal of this project is to serve as a proof-of-concept for a zero-storage password management system. This means that all the information needed to generate a secure, unique, per-site password can be kept in a user's head. In this way, users can eliminate password reuse without having to memorize multiple passwords or synch password databases between devices. A user should be able to go on any device with this program and have access to all of their passwords without having to import any data.

How to setup

Fork/clone the repo, then navigate to the directory and run pod install.

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